The Sneaker Edit

I love sneakers not only because they are comfortable but also because they can be styled in various ways and can easily make your ensemble chic.

However I love to wear my sneakers with fishnets. They are a match made in heaven. Wear them with anything you want! You can make any outfit look super cool and relaxed with this stylish combo. 

You’ll never be disappointed. Here we go!

Look 1: Goth Princess 

Here I styled my edgy black, T-Shirt dress whith fishnet tights and my comfy and reliable black and white Adidas Superstars. To tell you the truth I am obsessed with the ‘Pinterest Vibes’ this outfit gives off. I gathered my hair in a half up bun for a relaxed feel and popped on some golden ,spiked hoops and added some red lipstick and Voila! Grungy-goth babe transformation in no time.

Look 2: Boyish

Here I wore my distressed denims so that the fishnet peeked through and looked sassy. I wore a lose fitted, graphic crop top that was stolen from my best friends wardrobe! The cool and lose fabrics made it  the perfect look for a day out on a hot summer day.  I wore my gold and white Adidas sneakers and kept things boyish and comfy.

Look 3: Skater Girl

Nearly everything is possible with fishnets and sneakers and this look is a proof of that. I was able to put together this super girly and flirty look with just a skater dress, some big old hoops and yes you guessed it; my trusty sneakers and fishnets! This is the perfect look for a movie date or even a picnic. Easy breezy and super comfortable! Plus camo sneakers are a statement piece that can add spice to any boring outfit.



What I Wore?

Look 1

  • T-Shirt Dress: Aliexpress
  • Sneakers: Adidas
  • Fishnet Tights: SR Store
  • Hoops: Forever 21

Look 2

  • Jeans: SR Store
  • Sneakers:Adidas
  • Fishnet Tights: SR Store

Look 3

  • Skater Dres: Forever 21
  • Fishnet Tights: SR Store
  • Sneakers: Adidas
  • Hoops: H&M
  • Sunglasses: Zara

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