Online Identity- A Multi-Faceted Reality of Online Personas

flat lay photography of macbook pro beside paper

Flat-lay Photography of MacBook Pro Beside Paper by (2014) (CC BY 2.0) on

Online identity is something very specific in terms of how you use a particular online website, social media or application. It relies on the way you interact with your audiences in different spaces and the persona you build on that platform. The internet is seen as a collaborative and social space where individuals can build, edit, rebuild, reconstruct and delete their online identity and profiles as they desire to suit their platform-specific persona ( Aresta et al. 2015).

I am a person that likes to keep my creativity flourishing on Instagram by maintaining an aesthetic and colour co-ordinated social feed. Whereas on Facebook my profile is very private and intimate where I usually only interact with close friends and family. My LinkedIn profile, on the other hand, is professional, sophisticated and polished, where I interact with professionals, scholars and people related to my field. Twitter is my newest baby and has been added to my online identity only recently; I’m still figuring out what my persona on Twitter is but I know it is a blend of work and play. On Twitter, I interact with my buddies and follow people and things I like. I pour my heart out on Twitter, but only in 280 characters or less.


brain color colorful cube

Yellow, Orange, and Green 3×3 Rubik’s Cube by Miguel Á. Padriñán (2015) (CC BY 2.0) on

Online identity is like a Rubik’s cube. It is the culmination of your different innate personality’s strategically layered on different online platforms for the world to see. Each platform is a colour of its own, having its own side, its own niche and audience. Together all the coloured sides make up the Rubik’s cube which is your online presence and identity spread across different platforms. Social networking and online profiles inform about the networking patterns of an individual. It illustrates how a person visualises and connects with the world around him (Srivastava et al. 2018).

This illustrates that all your online personalities can co-exist with ease and be different and engaging at the same time. It means that you can be a professional scholar on LinkedIn and build relations and connections related to that side of your personality, while on the other hand, you could be a photographer and wine connoisseur on Instagram and a party freak and goofball on Twitter.

apple applications apps cell phone

Person Holding iPhone Showing Social Networks Folder by Tracy Le Blanc (2017) (CC BY 2.0) on

But how can you maintain these multi-dimensional personalities? How can you prevent the panels of the Rubik’s cube puzzle from mixing into an unsolvable mess?

You can use different online platforms to channel different interests that you possess. Use the various online tools and features of that particular platform to engage with your audiences in a meaningful way, to create engaging content. Use Instagram as a pictorial representation of your life and all the things you love, try your hands at photography or even blend your interests of cooking and photography, make-up and styling and find your niche to portray through photographs and videos.

Social media platforms are becoming more inclusive. Multiple platforms have features to put up personalised stories only for 24 hours. You can reach out to your audiences, give them updates as a daily news feed or even go on LIVE sessions and engage with online audiences from around the globe.  With endless features on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook where you can share stories, news, videos, photos and posts the possibilities are infinite. Sharing of images is one key differentiator of diverse online platforms and their representations. I have a very intimate relationship with the people I engage with on Facebook and thus post many photographs of me on holidays, family functions and more personal content on it. Whereas on Instagram I want to look like an aesthetic and professional digital media content creator and photographer hence I usually only post pictures that go with that online identity I have created on Instagram which is of a photographic storyteller.

The good thing about your online identity is that it is not a singular form but a collection of all your ideas, content and engagement from all your platforms. There are no rules here! You can mix and match different vehicles to create a meaningful cocktail of online content and identities that suits your needs and caters to your preferences.

I started up this blog with that perspective in my mind and got many internships in my home country because my blog was not only engaging but had a mix of all my social media pages which created an online presence which was impressive. Often this online presence can be used as an advantage to get job opportunities, recognition, knowledge and even to socialise and participate in not only technology and digital media but social events and matters all around the globe. Your online identity reflects your real persona thus managing it effectively is important. The key to this endless online world is in your hands; it is all about how you unfold your own story on each platform to create an online identity that is unique and represents all things related to you.

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The art of not giving a fuck!

Yes I said Fuck! No it isn’t a big deal. Get over it! Don’t judge, read further! 

I know this sounds really absurd, impolite and unprofessional but this is infact an art form that needs to be learned , cherished and perfected in todays times.

Yes and when I say not giving a fuck, I refer to being a badass and being true to yourself and what you love without the fear of being judged by others. Many people compliment me for my bold fashion choices and my ever changing, rainbow spectrum of hair colors. Some may hate that I put on a shit ton of makeup but guess what? I love makeup. I love clothes. I love shoes. Yes I may have 70 pairs of shoes and only 2 little feet to wear them. But do you think I give a fuck? The answer is ‘NO’.

Passing judgment is human nature. It has always been. Judgment is an important human instict that man has used in order to survive. It helps in choosing friends, family, foes and helps one form opinions and a social sphere. However judgment wasn’t much of a problem before because it was confined within the realms of ones own small social groups. But now with the boom of the internet age judgment has become a more public affair. It is the same old judgment with a strong pump of steroids.

It is more important now to ‘NOT GIVE A FLYING FUCK’ than it was ever before. The reason I say this is because now is the time where insecure and jealous people have gotten a public platform to judge every action of yours. All people are entitled to having their opinions and judgments in life, but the internet has created a blackhole of judgments that further lead to online hate and bullying. No one is safe from it anymore, no matter what you do someone will always be against you, questioning your sanity, your opinion and your existence. Not only that but the internet also adds the element of anonymity to the mix which works in favor of all the passers of judgment!

See in times like ours where everyone puts up their best face on the internet. Where happy smiling photos and millions of filters are enough to perfectly protray an amazing life;  we become so consumed in liking, commenting, stalking and comparing our lives to others, that delusional thinking is an obvious result of it. In this new age not giving a fuck is the way to go; where comparisons are made so easily and where your own life may seem to get dulled down by the achievements of others – as potrayed via the internet!

Not giving a fuck about the opinions of others is one of the greatest treasures. Because at the end of the day followers, likes and comments do not mean anything. They are just numbers and not a good scale to judge oneself or others on. Self worth doesn’t come by the approvals of others but by the acceptance of oneself. Recognise your own talents and potentials, do what you love no matter what others say! 

There will always be someone pointing a finger at you anyways, it’s better to not care. 

Let me reference one of my favourite character and his wise words from Game Of Thrones here. It seems apt.

“Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor and it can never be used to hurt you.”

-Tyrion Lannister

🙌Cheers to not giving a fuck! 




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Why I turned Vegan? 

Yes I live my life as a herbivore. Yes I do not eat any kind of animal products or byproducts. Yes I am proud of my decision. I am healthy and happy! The main reasons why I converted from a flesh devouring omnivore into a vegan is because I simply love animals too much.

 Here are a few photos of my yummy vegan meals! It isn’t so hard.

If anyone knows me they know how much I care and feel for animals and for me each and every animal has a personality. Yes I was oblivious before and was always pressured to eat chicken, fish and meat throughout my life. I never liked it in the first place but slowly by the time I was a teenager my tastebuds had aquired the taste for flesh. I would pet dogs, save strays and eat bacon and chicken. 

But slowly I realised what I was doing. I realised that a dog is inedible to me because I see it as a loving creature with emotions and I couldn’t think of butchering it to death and eating it. Why was there a division of animals based on pets and food. Don’t all animals have emotions? Don’t all of them feel pain and the utter fear of death when they have a blade to their neck? 

Was I willing to let another suffer just to please my taste buds? 

Meat is a problem obviously in my eyes. But an even bigger problem is dairy. People think milk is good! On the contrary over 70% of the entire population of the world is lactose intolerant! Ever wonder why!?Because we are not meant to suckle on the mammary glands of a 130Kg cow. Just think about it we are drinking milk that was supposed to help a little calf grow into a huge cow. Imagine the excessive hormones you are drinking. 

What we don’t realise is we weaned off our mother’s milk to be addicted to another mammals milk. Plus cows are raped throughout their life to get milk and exploited horrendously so we can consume milk.

Anyways! Have you ever noticed. Humans are the only species in the world that have exploited all other creatures and resources provided by Mother Earth to create great and magnanimous things.

Have you ever noticed how over the years little joys of life have been replaced with huge burdens. Happiness and contentment, peace and love have become words in books. For a long time I have been spiritual in the sense that I believe in the universe and I believe in the cycle of ‘Karma’ and that everything comes full circle in the end. And I do not believe that I can live happily knowing I am responsible for the masscre and rape of animals!

Just because it’s an animal doesn’t mean it’s not murder! Doesn’t mean it’s not rape! Doesn’t mean that their screems and cries don’t matter! 

They do matter! But we have just been trained over the years to overlook these facts, to ignore them. We have been brainwashed to think that milk and meat can be organic! We have been told so many times that chicken is food and that we forget that it is an animal. 

We view chicken as..

Chicken Tikka, Afghani Chicken, Butter Chicken , Kadhai Chicken , Chicken in Black Bean Sauce, Mc Chicken Burger, Chicken Pizza , Boneless Chicken Strips, Chicken Momos and Chicken Soup.

But what I see is..

A litte chic, growing to be a chicken, white with feathers and a red crown on it’s head. I see a bird that cackles and protects her little chics and lays eggs. I see a living breathing animal. I see an intelligent bird with brains, a heart and emotions!

Anyways that was my awakening in life. Many may disagree and many may still be oblivious to this fact! But all I can do is do my duty towards the animals I love and spread awareness to stop their massacre.


Shraddha Sovan 

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Places Visited

  • DAO- Sushi and Dimsums
  • Mc Donalds-Aloo Ticki Burger and French Fries
  • Delhi Heights- Arabiatta Pasta and Mushroom Stroganoff
  • Asia7- Chinese and Pan Asian Cuisine

The Sneaker Edit

I love sneakers not only because they are comfortable but also because they can be styled in various ways and can easily make your ensemble chic.

However I love to wear my sneakers with fishnets. They are a match made in heaven. Wear them with anything you want! You can make any outfit look super cool and relaxed with this stylish combo. 

You’ll never be disappointed. Here we go!

Look 1: Goth Princess 

Here I styled my edgy black, T-Shirt dress whith fishnet tights and my comfy and reliable black and white Adidas Superstars. To tell you the truth I am obsessed with the ‘Pinterest Vibes’ this outfit gives off. I gathered my hair in a half up bun for a relaxed feel and popped on some golden ,spiked hoops and added some red lipstick and Voila! Grungy-goth babe transformation in no time.

Look 2: Boyish

Here I wore my distressed denims so that the fishnet peeked through and looked sassy. I wore a lose fitted, graphic crop top that was stolen from my best friends wardrobe! The cool and lose fabrics made it  the perfect look for a day out on a hot summer day.  I wore my gold and white Adidas sneakers and kept things boyish and comfy.

Look 3: Skater Girl

Nearly everything is possible with fishnets and sneakers and this look is a proof of that. I was able to put together this super girly and flirty look with just a skater dress, some big old hoops and yes you guessed it; my trusty sneakers and fishnets! This is the perfect look for a movie date or even a picnic. Easy breezy and super comfortable! Plus camo sneakers are a statement piece that can add spice to any boring outfit.



What I Wore?

Look 1

  • T-Shirt Dress: Aliexpress
  • Sneakers: Adidas
  • Fishnet Tights: SR Store
  • Hoops: Forever 21

Look 2

  • Jeans: SR Store
  • Sneakers:Adidas
  • Fishnet Tights: SR Store

Look 3

  • Skater Dres: Forever 21
  • Fishnet Tights: SR Store
  • Sneakers: Adidas
  • Hoops: H&M
  • Sunglasses: Zara

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Not So Cheesy: A Valentine’s Day Look Book

This is a look book that features some bad-ass looks to rock on  Valentine’s day. Whether you’re on a date with your man or partying the night away with your gang of single ladies, you can still make a style statement with these looks. These ensembles are far from the cliché  Valentine’s day looks that everyone rocks. Slay on V-day with these sassy looks.

1. Good Catch, Mate!

Here I styled a solid, red cut-out sweater with a phenomenal pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and some fish net stockings. So what if you don’t have a bae to share clothes with on Valentine’s day, at least a pair of boyfriend jeans can fill that void! In the most couture sense that is.  Anyways the sweater and jeans work well for a subtle hint of red for the occasion without being completely stereotypical. Adding Ox-blood coloured booties not only gave me some height but also made the boyfriend jeans look more flattering on my petite frame.  A good tip for all the shorties out there! I added a dark lip and some fish nets to the mix to make the look edgy and bold. I also threw on some chunky bangles and bracelets to look like a total bombshell. And yes, how could I forget my pink aviators on V-day?

2. Too Cool To Care

I paired a basic brown pullover with a sassy pleather (faux leather) skirt. It’s asymmetrical shape and texture adds a wow factor to an otherwise mundane look. I decided to add yet another texture to my look in the form of my wet look, knee-high boots. The gold details and extra shine from the boots made the look even more casual yet dressy at the same time. I rocked a jewelled gold choker to match the hardware of the boots and added a nifty little bag with a huge red key-chain to add that pop of red yet again. The animal print bag makes the ensemble chic and comfortable. Just added a dark burgundy lip colour along with some retro shades to match the aesthetics of my wardrobe and…Voila! You have the perfect look for a Valentine’s  day concert, brunch date or even a night out.

3. Dainty Devil

Just because you wear something girly and pink doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stick to the ordinary Valentine’s day wardrobe. Looking unique and memorable for your date is what actually matters don’t you think? Here I matched my fuzzy , pastel pink sweater with a slim fitted, body hugging mini-skirt and some black fringed boots to keep the look interesting, bold yet feminine. Plus who doesn’t love fringe? I wore huge dangler earrings with turquoise beads to break away from the monotony of the pastel pink and paired it with blue , oversized reflectors to complete the look. I also wore a coral pink lip colour for a more fun and quirky vibe.

Hope you liked the post. Feel free to give me suggestions on what you would like to see next. 



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Photography By: Mayank Mathur


Look 1:

  • Jeans: SR Store
  • Sweater: Incense
  • Booties: City Centre (Kuwait)
  • Sunglasses: Goa Flea Market
  • Fish Net Stockings: N-Gal

Look 2:

  • Skirt: Forever 21
  • Pullover: Zara
  • Sunglasses: Incense
  • Bag: City Centre (Kuwait)
  • Key Chain: City Centre (Kuwait)
  • Boots: City Centre (Kuwait)
  • Choker: Rajouri

Look 3:

  • Top: Sarojini Nagar
  • Skirt: Incense
  • Sunglasses: Goa Flea Market
  • Earrings: Goa Flea Market
  • Boots: City Centre (Kuwait)